How It Works

How It Works

We have made it easy for anyone that wants to join our corporation. We welcome any proficient writer to join us any time. We are more interested in hiring competent writers who can deliver their tasks within the required deadline. We have plenty of jobs on daily basis that will allow you earn as you wish and give you an opportunity for growth as a writer.

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The Process of picking an order

Selecting an order

A list of available projects/orders will be visible on your account dashboard page. Go through the order details, and the necessary files uploaded by the client if any. Decide whether you have the capability, time and skills to complete the task. If you can do the order, you can pick it up, depending on the deadline (if applicable), number of pages/words or level of writing. At times, our support team may select the most appropriate writer to write an order in a competent and timely manner. If chosen the writer will be notified by email.

Uploading the order

After completing the writing process of your selected order, you will upload it into your personal account. The customer goes through the work if satisfied with the work done; the money is credited to your account.  On your account, the order will be marked as “completed order” However, in case the client’s requests for a revision, more time is added and you will have to revise the paper.

Get paid

Our company offers reasonable payments and bonuses. You can earn as high as $20 per page. Besides, we allow you to work part-time or full-time.  You will get paid twice a month for all the work done within that month.